Sunday, August 12, 2012


Bob FM listener to me: "Sorry things didn't work out for you in Ottawa". 

Me: I got my dream job, improved the ratings in the evening show by doubling them, bought a house, met some great life-long friends, became a permanent resident of Canada, set up an successful incorporated design agency and travelled Peru, Australia and Africa. Yes, I got fired and it hurt like a slap in the face from a large-handed lunatic but screw it, I was going mental there anyway. Toronto next. 

A week left in Ottawa. THANK YOU to Ottawa and every one of it's 900,000 residents for making life here so warm & special. And oddly, an extra special thank you to Bob FM for letting me in.

Keep the fires burning.


Anonymous said...

You were the only reason I listened to Bob Fm. I think you would have been great on 88.5.

Look forward to streaming you where ever you end up.

Anonymous said...

Vinny you were the best radio host / dj I ever heard, knew exactly the 80's stuff I like best and great sense of humour. Good luck in TO and publish your top 30 80's list sometime!

Anonymous said...

Gee Vinney, you were wonderful! The only broadcaster who could come close to you is Terry Wogan (remember him). He kept listeners and made a mint for the radio station, as you did for Bob FM. We will miss you always!

Anonymous said...

Man. I kept wondering where you went. Toronto is a wonderful city...and ottawa loses again. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud...but you did consistently...with fantastic music to boot.
So thankful you are doing a neverhour podcast.
Enjoy tdot and be sure to check out taco el asador papusas in bloor at clinton (near christie)

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cessna said...

Wow. Love your humour. Thanks for coming into my lifw.