Wednesday, November 09, 2011

009: Latest news from Vinney White

After a hugely successful four years as the evening host on Bob FM I joined the breakfast show in April 2011. Since then everyone involved has had differing views on which direction to take the show. Ultimately we have reached a decision to amicably part ways.

I've always believed that good radio should be unpredictable and unscripted, based on local topics and world news. There's some serious bits, some funny bits but it's always sincere.

Bob FM has been good to me over the years - even helping me become a permanent resident here in Canada. I look forward to being on the air again soon.

Click below to hear more on what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. Sad to see you go but you will go on to bigger and better things!

Anonymous said...

You might not be able to say anything, but BOBFM is nuts to let you go (whether it was amicable or not)! You are totally the best thing on Ottawa radio and you will be sorely missed. I hope you enjoy your travels, but don't forget to come back to us.

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say, it was kind of you to inform your fans. A radio show can not be easy. You will be missed. But a talented host always finds his way back.

Nicolas said...

I was selfish to think that a great personality like yours could stay in this little "scripted" town of ours. Good decision.

I actually remember a show where you told Mel to wait for her "hollyweird" news. That was sweet.

Miss you already, but I only see great things for you.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to both the Never Hour and the Morning show when you were there. My wife and I have stopped listening to Bob as a result of your departure. It seems funny that the longtime female host of that show has gone through at least 3 other hosts. Maybe it's her that's the problem!! Have safe travels and we will look forward to hearing your podcasts.

exlabtech said...

I loved sipping my cuppa listening to you on Bobfm. I have done something I've never done before...switched stations!!! Happy trails Vinney, I'm looking forward to hearing all about them on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that BOBFM is a big loser in this... as are the listeners. Good luck, Vinney, have a fun trip and come back to Ottawa soon! I will be following your podcasts for sure.

Thanks for all the laughs we had.

Heather in Perth

Anonymous said...

Oh Vinney, so happy for you. Door closes, a huge window of opportunity is waiting for you!
Oh me, I am so sad to see you leave. Missing the laughs every morning.
Keep up your style, that is what we all love about you!
Hope to follow along with your travels and humour.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vinnie
When I heard that you were leaving Ottawa, I was deeply disappointed. It was like suddenly hearing that the sexiest guy in the neighbourhood had gotten run over by a chip wagon, and was dead. So I stopped and checked myself – what is wrong with this picture? Am I just being an obstinate redneck, mad that Ottawa has lost another single man? So I checked with one of my non-single girlfriends just to make sure. Unlike me she is francophone and lives in Hull and simply cannot be a redneck. She happens to adore you.
We came to conclude that you have your place in Ottawa – Hull society, and we need you to stay there. You said it yourself – for four years you were simply the best DJ in Ottawa. Ever. I used to sneak home at night and dance around like crazy to your music – I looked forward to your show, and I knew when it started and usually turned off the radio when it was over
When you joined the Breakfast Program, we just thought you had sold out to make more money. Sure we continued to listen to you, but I also bought myself an MP3, downloaded everything I heard you play after dinner, and that was the end of my evening radio listening.
It isn’t a stretch that you didn’t get on with those morning folks – really I am surprised you managed to get up in time for them.
I think travel blogs are kind of a bore. There was some rich guy who went up into space as a tourist, looked around and announced to everyone else back on the ground that he did this to inspire us to use less water. What a twit. It’s kind of presumptuous to think that everyone else wants to live vicariously through one’s vacations, or that being forced to do that should inspire us to be better human beings.
Your podcasts are cool. They’re also a whole lot clearer and easier to listen to than my radio. Just do the evening shows you used to do. You noticed that people do like to call up and win things, and you will have to come up with some things to win. Go to the local pubs and musicians and get them to give you some swag. It will be easier than you imagine, because you really do have pull at the moment. If you take a tour through Thailand, get baked and then come back a year later and ask the same favour, you will have somewhat less pull. There’s also advertising. You may not make a lot of money to begin with, but you’ll make more doing that than going on a vacation, even if it is a cheap one, somewhere third world.
If you need a job for your residency, just ask around. There are lots of trucking, food, and delivery day jobs you can grab, and though menial, you’ll meet the coolest co-workers, from all over the world.
Alternatively, you COULD ask CHEZ106 to take you in. It wouldn’t hurt. My boss is one of their minor advertisers, so I’ve overheard plenty about the station. What makes it special is that it is the only station grown working class men will faithfully listen to. Given how much money they spend buying cars, beer and lunches out, CHEZ is the Cadillac of advertising opportunities and advertisers grudgingly pay up. You’d have to conform to this. (At the moment you are more likely to appeal to their wives, but I think you’ve hit the age-group dead on.)
We really do want to hear more of you, but for the two of us at least, you have to be local to stay relevant. The world is full of fabulous interesting people who don’t live in Ottawa. Be different.

Karen said...

Thanks for the update, though it's hard to hear. Honestly you were what made radio worth listenting to. So funny, interesting, lively, unpredictable, refreshing and sincere.
I'm grateful for the four years you changed radio in Ottawa, and I'll be listening to your broadcasts whenever you post them. thanks for everything. Thanks for rekindling my love of new wave music, thanks for introducing me to the Ramones (and now my five-year-old daughter asks to hear Rockaway Beach in the car and knows all the words, though I have to say I don't let her listen to Chinese Rock), thanks for the laughs and thanks for the good times. I'll miss you. Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Another loyal listener to bobfm every morning since I moved here years ago, and another one who cringed at the current dumbed-down show and voted with their dial-twiddling fingers.

You're missed already!
All the best where'er you go, and we'll be checking your blog to see where you land.
Thanks for making 6:00 ack emma a bit more humane.

Allen said...

Hey Vinney. I'm so sorry to hear that you have left Bob fm. Like the other fans here, I have enjoyed listening to your evening show and enjoyed listening to you and your humor in the morning. I even enjoyed winning the LCBO gift basket this summer (even if there was no alcohol in it)
Bob fm has truly lost a unique personality. You gave Ottawa's typical stuffy morning show some life. And like most places these days, people get their panties in a twist whenever someone comes along and tries to make it unique. Never stop being yourself and keep telling it as it is. Me and my wife will be sure to continue listening to you on whatever station you go to next. But please do us a favor.....stay in the Ottawa area.
Take care of yourself and enjoy your time back in England. Family usually helps when things get tough. But know that you have a place in the families of your Ottawa listeners too.

Dusty Boots said...

Bob rally lost in this big time. Thy have lost you and many fans too. The same old music all the time was getting boring. You were what kept me listening. I have switched stations.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am so sad that you are gone. I used to listen to the morning show just because it was on and the person in the car with did not like the channel I liked but when you joined the morning team I actually looked forward to listening in the morning. The person who said that the person who is still there after 3 co hosts maybe the problem!!,

You will be missed. Please let us know if you join a different station I will be there with you. Take care

Anonymous said...

Vinney- I miss you in the mornings Dude !! You had such great spontaneity and wonderful, hilarious things to say. You were one of the ONLY radio personalities who could make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. You are a supreme talent and I know people out here on the waves love you. I wish you all the VERY best for your future. Love you Vinney xoxo Boo... Vinney isn't on BobFM anymore Boo..... I'm going to have to listen to another station now.

alisons said...

Devastated!! Simply devastated!!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo sad, yet completely understand. Enjoy your travels and wherever life may take you. You will be missed, thanks for all of the laughs.


Anonymous said...

Well that is terrible news for us Ottawa radio station listeners, but the doors are wide open for your future.

Your evening shows on Bob were the best and I looked forward to them every day after the kids went to bed. I was kinda bummed when you moved to the morning show (I never did like Bob's morning shows), but you did make it better. Now this...

Thanks for the music, and the humour, and good luck in whatever is in store for you!!

Anonymous said...

This unfortunate news is the final straw...I am moving to satellite radio.Vinney you were my last hope.

KarenD said...

I followed whatever station you were on, now I listen to cd's in my car and scrap the radio.cant stand the cackling female hyena's o(?sp) on majic and was a loyal listener for 10 yrs til you went to Bob, then I switched. Yesterday I tried the country channel....sigh. Radio in Ottawa is doomed. What's that guy from TO know about the Ottawa market anyway to have switched everything up like that. You are super talented and have a ton-o-fans here who support you. I totally respect you for standing up for your beliefs! You rock man!!!!

Kim said...

WTF indeed.

I switched my car radio from a CD to Bob FM during my usual Friday morning drive to work and, though I'm still not clear on when all of this happened, I had a sense of dread when your voice did not reach my ears. For all I knew you could have been on vacation and I missed the announcement. Still, upon arriving at work, I immediately consulted my
oracle (read: Google) and found your cryptic November 5 blog.

And now I've listened to the November 9 audio follow-up.

Shit. And double shit.

I started listening to you back in September 2008 when you had your evening show. I remember this clearly because my husband and I had just moved into a new house. My husband was sent on a two-week business trip shortly thereafter and the main floor desperately needed painting (the walls were a geriatric dusty rose). I thought, I'll just
do this myself. So for two weeks my routine became: arrive home, eat dinner, turn on the radio and paint. I did this from 7 until 11pm each night.

I really looked forward to your show and the time passed so quickly. The monologue was just enough, the topics you chose to speak about were interesting, and your delivery was entertaining without being overbearing or -- worse -- forced.

I've put up with a lot of DJs who laugh at their own jokes or who have sidekicks who are in the unfortunate position of having to find their work partners funny. Your former radio station is guilty of both of these sad elements and I almost gave up on it until I had to paint my livingroom.

I don't normally listen to radio in the evenings, but I made a point of it after that. I rather liked Missed Connections and your other general observations about life and current affairs. I think it was in September 2008 that you had that run-in with the thief in the Byward Market whom you sat on. Priceless.

When you tell stories, you just tell them and you move on with an appropriately timed break to a commercial or song. No need to laugh or wait for someone to confirm that was you just said was funny. I know it was funny. I just heard it. And moving on only adds to the humour.

All this to say, I was sad when you moved to the morning show and it all got cluttered. But now I guess I'm even more sad that you've left entirely, however that all went down. Who knows, maybe you're actually an asshole and you were highly annoying at the station behind the scenes. Though I doubt it, it doesn't really matter. I was entertained
by you even in that quartet and now I'm left floating through the airwaves.

You were a much-needed personality for the Ottawa radio scene. Sure, the accent is a bonus but you also simply have the right stuff for that job. You're good at it.

I hope that in whatever you do -- even it it's solo from some Nepalese mountain range -- you will know that people enjoy your style. The rest of us get it. Scripted and forced is bullshit.

As requested, I've subscribed to your podcast and though I'm not a keen Facebook user, I will add myself to your friend base since you said that would be helpful.

I'm listening.

Thank you.

Nepean, Ontario

Terry said...

IMHO ... I don't think a morning show was your thing. You and your talents are more suited to evenings. Like Jeff Winter's "winter nights" (goes back a long way). Hey "white nights". Good Luck to you...break a leg.

Steve said...


I've been in Ottawa since 96, listened to Kool/Bob until recently, your departure. I enjoyed the morning shows throughout from Kevin McGowen, JR, Stuntman Stu through to you. Probably missed one in between. I only started to listen to evening shows when I discovered you a few years ago. I always appreciated your reviews of the weird and wacky recent events and the music on your evening show. Unfortunately for Bob they lost a great asset, and hopefully it means something that they lost me as a listener after 15+ years. I am sure the new face for the morning show will be okay, but I see enough constant change at work...
Good luck for future endeavours - enjoy your travels away from this cold, snowy place.

Anonymous said...

Gonna miss you man...I LOVED the Friday Night House Party and you were the only reason why I listened to BOB FM (Now BOOORING FM)

If you ever come back to Ottawa check out BOOM FM 99.7 totaly your style!!