Vinney Who?

Who is Vinney?
Vinney White is an English radio announcer and TV personality working in Canada, with weekly live shows on (the biggest talk station in Canada).

Previously he worked for Bob FM in Ottawa; the capital of Canada, for about 6 years, where he doubled the ratings in the evening show with his rants, stories and slightly different take on life.

When he is not on the radio, he teaches Adobe software in TorontoOttawa and London(UK) as he's always been a graphic designer. He's also a music-producer and DJ.

Here is a quick video on how Vinney became an announcer on NewsTalk1010 Toronto (currently).

Why Canada?
He moved here for a woman originally. She is now in Guatemala - so that went well.

He likes Canada for the friendly people, snowboarding, wildly varied climate (although the 25 degrees below stuff is idiotic), steaks, scenery and can-do attitude. He misses English roundabouts (because red lights are evil), banter, questioning-culture and England's curry houses. But he loves Canada and sometimes says 'eh'.