Vinney Who?

Who is Vinney?
Vinney White is an English radio announcer and TV personality working in Canada. He worked for Bob FM in Ottawa; the capital of Canada, for about 6 years, where he doubled the ratings in the evening show with his rants, stories and slightly different take on life. He's also a DJ for your event with all the gear.

On the 'Free Podcasts' tab (above) you can listen to MP3 files (podcasts) of:
  • The shows previously broadcast on Bob FM
  • His travels in Africa
  • Podcasts on his current show on NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto
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Here is a quick video on how Vinney became an announcer on NewsTalk1010 Toronto (currently).

Vinney is also a graphic designer, a teacher, a music producer and a turntablist DJ.

Why Canada?
He moved here for a woman originally. She is now in Guatemala - so that went well.

He likes Canada for the friendly people, snowboarding, wildly varied climate (although the 25 degrees below stuff is idiotic), steaks, scenery and can-do attitude. He misses English roundabouts (because red lights are evil), banter, questioning-culture and England's curry houses. But he loves Canada and sometimes says 'eh'.