Friday, July 27, 2012


Well I am here in Toronto and the city (I refuse to call it the big smoke because 1; it's a passé cliche for hicks and 2; you can't smoke on the patios here, so there is more smoke in the streets of Ottawa) is looking good. What the city planners were thinking when they decided to stick a highway next to the lake I am not sure - that will really set it off eh. Lets stick a slag heap on the nearest hill! Anywho, here I am and to assimilate into "Trrrrana" culture, last night I saw The Blue Jays play (that's baseball for those reading in Europe, baseball is like rounders for those in England - oh hell what do you care you've got enough sport right now).

Anyway, I am alive and well and the reconnaissance mission to start a new life has begun. I have to pop back to Ottawa for a couple of weeks in August to clear my house out and have a massive farewell shindig of some sort but alas, here we go. The wheels are turning, and it's going OK. Just got to get a place and a job. Ah fecking life.