Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vinney White on NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto

Is it just me or is North-American radio now worse than ever?

Call me cynical. Call me a man that is fed up with the endless circle of cheese and insincerity in radio. Radio is worse than ever in it's newly-found desperation to stay relevant and cool in a changing world. It's scared, and it shows. Here's an average snippet from Down-with-the-kids FM:

"That's the new (not-new-to-you, and anyway, we played it an hour ago) awesome track from [insert a teenager affiliated with disney here] - awesome! Coming up, what do you think [insert a teenager affiliated with disney here] should do with her hair?! Tell us on our Facebook page (although I don't care - I am now only doing this to pay for my children's clothes, this job has no creativity anymore), and please, please 'like us' (or our sponsors will realize the radio medium is dying because our target audience isn't listening - ironically, because they are busy on Facebook) - awesome!"

There is another way!

Vinney White, live on Toronto's excellent NewsTalk 1010.
Come and get it!